12th April 2020 - Coping When Locked Down

With no immediate end in sight, COVID-19 is proving to be quite challenging for all of us.

Hopefully though, we should have fallen in to at least some form of routine and mild stability within our own controllable bubbles.

As athletic activities are now very limited, I’ve put together a few thoughts and ideas to try and ensure we retain at least some form of sanity through these challenging times:

1) See if you can find better gas, electric, water, house and car insurance deals.

2) Put some stuff on eBay – everyone always has something to sell.

3) Do one thing each day to make you a healthier person e.g. eat a piece of fruit instead of a packet of crisps.

4) Sort out your tech clutter – delete old unwanted emails, photos, files etc.

5) Stay in touch, or reconnect with family and friends via video calling etc.

6) Do some S&C/Yoga daily – there’s plenty of short free daily videos on YouTube.

7) Do a Sudoku every day. They’re great for teaching you lots of things such as thinking outside the box. If you don’t know how to do one – learn!

8) Try some Origami.

8) It’s still OK to talk to people when you see them, even if they’re on the other side of the road or from your window.

And lastly – two big DON’TS:

1) DON'T TRY AND SAVE THE WORLD – THIS IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AND NOT SOMETHING YOU CAN DO. Focus on maintaining your own small world instead – that is something you can at least control.

2) DON'T SPEND MORE THAN 5 MINUTES PER DAY RESEARCHING COVID-19, ESPECIALLY THE CONSPIRACY THEORIES. No one yet really knows what caused it or when it will end. Leave the worrying, the causes and the solutions to the experts!

I hope some of this helps in at least some shape or form and if you are struggling to cope, then please reach out.

Coach Pat.

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