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30th July 2019 - Team PTC at it again...

Well what an eventful few weeks – in fact, it’s been pretty hard to keep up with everyone from Team PTC.

First up was Adam racing at the tough 16 mile Maverick X trail race where he finished in 39th place in a great time of 3 hours 26 minutes and 5 seconds. What a fantastic looking (but tough) race – perhaps one for the calendar next year?

And then Barry and Ian took to the water at Capernwray for one of their midweek sprint triathlons finishing in great times. These smaller shorter races will give them a great head start for their Ironman UK debut next year. Speaking of which, five PTC athletes took on the might of Ironman UK with its now even tougher bike course. It certainly lived up to its new name as the hardest Ironman branded race in the world.

Sadly, Mark had to pull out of the race a few weeks prior to the start due to tearing his achilles tendon and ending up in a cast for the next few months. After a great swim, unfortunately Carl had a bad crash towards the end of the bike, but with grit and determination he still managed to ride his bike back to T2 with the full intention of finishing the race. On further inspection, he decided to call it a day and not risk exacerbating any of the injuries he sustained.

Not one to makes things easy, Gary in his 3rd Ironman decided that when his electric gears gave up on him shortly after starting the bike leg, that he’d finish the ridiculously hard course with only the use of his front mech leaving him with only 2 gears – an easy one and a hard one. Gary still finished the bike, and then the run and did it all smiling in 14 hours, 22 minutes and 10 seconds (1 hour 15 minute swim, 7 hour 57 minute bike, 4 hour 44 minute run) – what a legend! Great prep for Gary’s 50 mile ultra plans for next year!

In his first Ironman, Steve was looking to add some structure to his training in the months leading up to Ironman and came onboard with PTC. PTC delivered, as did Steve with a solid race from start to finish in a fabulous time of 13 hours, 14 minutes and 3 seconds (1 hour 24 minute swim, 6 hour 56 minute bike, 4 hour 41 minute run). Fabulous result.

Also in his first Ironman was Lee who despite having a major “wobble” a few weeks before the race finished in an amazing 15 hours 14 minutes and 24 seconds (1 hour 24 minute swim, 8 hour 7 minute bike, 5 hour 27 minute run). Another great result with more events planned too next year.

Last weekend saw Lynne racing in Germany at the Hamburg Ironman. Despite the hot weather and blisters, Lynne finished in a super time of 14 hours 26 minutes and 52 seconds (1 hour 19 minute swim, 6 hours 56 minute bike, 5 hours 50 minute run) continuing her great run of solid race finishes.

Closer to home, and with less favourable weather, Tania, Barry and Coach Pat raced at the iconic Salford Triathlon and despite the torrential rain, the results turned out to be anything but damp and miserable.

First up was Tania in her first triathlon in 7 years. After niggles and injuries along the way, the biggest challenge was getting Tania to the start line ready to race. Not only was she ready to race, she went out there and did herself and everyone who knows her proud, finishing 2nd in her age group and 28th female overall with the fastest bike time in her age group. Then Barry followed suit in his first ever Olympic distance triathlon finishing in a very strong 3 hours 4 minutes and 29 seconds with a super speedy sub 29 minute swim. And finally, PTC’s very own Coach Pat managed to finish in a very respectable 5th place overall, 2nd in age group, and with the 2nd fastest bike split of the day. Considering the injury earlier in the year, this surely marks the return of Coach Pat to the pointy end of racing.

Hopefully the dust has now settled, and all that Team PTC’s athletes have accomplished has now sunken in. PBs and goals achieved, disappointments along the way, lessons learned, new depths of strength discovered, and many more plans afoot in the various journeys all these athletes’ walk along in triathlon and endurance events. Well done to all of you.

Even with this year’s tri season well under way, it’s never too late to get in touch about coaching to help you reach your goals, or too early to start planning for next year’s races.

Are you ready to start your own journey?