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31st January 2019 - The Quest For Continual Improvement

Well done to Head Coach Pat who has been offered a highly sought-after place by British Triathlon on their Level 3 High Performance Coach Programme. There were very few places available, and they received an unprecedented number of high-quality applications.

Whilst many coaches remain stagnant in their approach and methodology, Pat, ever on the quest for knowledge, continues to research all things triathlon, physiology, psychology and coaching related, both to improve his own performance and that of his dedicated athletes. He can often be found with his head buried in an academic journal or book. He’s also had recent dialogue with Matt Dixon and Meredith Kessler, as well as an aero session at the Matt Bottrill Performance Centre.

If you’d like to join team PTC and benefit from Pat’s passion, knowledge and experience of all things triathlon, then get in touch - it could just make the difference you’ve been looking for.